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If you're after an infantry squad that can go anywhere you want and do a whole lot of damage, look no further than the Valkyries! With a 9" move and the ability to fly over anything 8" high, they're probably the most mobile infantry unit in the whole of Dropzone Commander.

As with most PHR, they're also very good at what they do! They're a decent investment in points, but for that you get twice the number of shots of a usual infantry unit, both at range and in Close Quarters. With Rapid Insertion as well, you won't be re-rolling damage when entering a Garrison. While they're not the toughest infantry, they're able to avoid most damage thanks to +3 Evasion and a 5+ Dodge save. Good luck hitting these flying angels!

Contains 4 plastic bases of 5 Valkyries each.


£8.00 Regular Price
£6.40Sale Price
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