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Please read the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, if there is something you need or want to know then please CONTACT US!


What Payment methods do you accept?

All our payments are processed by PayPal but you shouldn't need a PayPal account to pay for your items. Paypal is simply used by us as a payment processor so you can use your normal debit or credit card to pay us without setting up a Paypal account.


 Want to place an order but the item isn't in stock?

Due to the nature of our three core virtues (see our about page) we wont stock items that we physically dont have. This means that there are times when items you may want might be out of stock. Dont worry through, we replace our stock regularly so keep an eye out and it should come back into stock soon.


I have tried to put an item (or a multiple item) into my shopping basket but it wont add the extra item (or item multiple)?

There is a limit on how many items we have in stock. If the item is not showing in your shopping basket it is quite likely that either someone has bought the item just before you and we have none left, or we do not have multiple that you have requested.


What about pre-orders?

There are times when we may have a product on pre-order (this is advertised in the description on the item page). In order to comply with our core virtues, we will only allow the number of pre-orders we already know we are gettng in.


What happens if I place a pre-order with items already in stock now?

When this happens we will hold your order till the pre-order has arrived this means that you might need to place two seperate orders if you wish for the other items now.


When I order something, what happens next?

As soon as we recieve confirmation of your payment we'll begin to get your order prepared for shipping. However, during particularly busy periods, inclement weather, or for a short term personal reason the shipping of your order may be slightly delayed. As per our Terms and Conditions Policies, we'll try to let you know with as much time as possible on the website and if we have your contact details and permission by e-mail.


What happens if I order something and its not available?

While we do our best to prevent this from happening (our stock is to hand) the internet isn't unfallable! If something is made unavailable due to a malfunction we'll send you an e-mail to let you know and advise you of any delay (see our Terms and Conditions). In the event that a product has been recalled we will cancel that part of your order.


I have recieved an order but that is a part/ mismould/ something wrong with it?

Firstly make sure you contact us on the contact us page to let us know. We will then talk to the relevent supplier and get the problem sorted out. We will then e-mail you to let you know when the replacement part should arrive or if a courier will arrive to pick up the item and a replacement sent. Please make sure that you keep all of the parts together and please CHECK that everything is ok with your order BEFORE you break out the paints and glue! We highly advise that you take a photo of the problem as we may need it to verify which part is the problem and as proof for the supplier. Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions (we know its boring but its important too), you MUST tell us of any problems with the product within 14 days. If you are contacting us as a result of duplicate purchase you must comply with our Refund and Cooling off policies - so please read them.


I'd like a refund?

ALWAYS contact us if there is a problem or if you would like a refund FIRST! PayPal disputes or card reversals do not solve any problems and often create more. By contacting us usng the Contact Us page we can try and deal with the root issue. If you want to know what our terms and conditions are regarding Refunds please check out the Cancellation and Refund Policy before/ when you checkout.


Where are your Terms and Conditions Policies?

At the checkout in the bottom tabs.


What currencies do you accept?

Intially £ stirling (GBP). Paypal is used as our payment processor and will convert your currency into £ Stirling for us!  We currently offer shipping to a wide variety of countries, however if your home is not available please send us a message and we'll see if we can add you.


Are there any terms and conditions relating to your Free Shipping Promotion?

Yes, you can view them in our Terms and Conditions Policy. Free Shipping is listed at checkout and is ONLY available to orders of £100+ (in the UK, other rates for other countries) BUT check back to the store regularly as we may offer other promotions at any time!


I cant find an item I'm looking for?

We will extend our range over time but its possible that you cant find that Tank variation of troop choice that your looking for. It may come into stock in the future as we expand the range (and the number of suppliers). We also publish upcoming items in our News page so make sure you check back. Please feel free to conact us if there is a particular item you would like to see!

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