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Whether you've been keeping apace of news about 'Contamination' or if this is your first introduction to the game, this is your one stop shop of resources all of which have been designed to help you out. 

If your a new enthusiast we suggest you check out our Quick Start rules and download the 'Playground Antics' demo packs. These pdfs will give you everything you need to try an abridged version of the game and check out how the rules work. Of course even if you've played numerous tabletop games and are familiar with the idea of rolling dice, these are a great little extra for you to have a go at. 

If you've played through our downloadable starter pack and your interest has been peaked, consider heading over to the store and purchasing a copy of the full rules which will give you that extra depth to your games as well as allowing you to participate in the true 'open world' gaming style (find out about 'open world' here). Once you have your own copy of the rules we have some great additional resources that you can download on this page to help make your games run more smoothly and to add some extra fun to your campaigns.


Check back here for free resources designed for 'Contamination' expansions.


Quick Start Rules

An abridged version of the core rules leaving out some of the game's complexities for you to try out and get confident with.

Playground Antics

A demo pack complete with scenario and crew cards designed to go with the Quick Start Rules.

Markers & Tokens

A selection of markers and tokens for use with the 'Quick Start' and 'Core Rulebook'.


We'll be bringing out a Tournament Pack soon as well as downloadable certificates to help make things easy for you. We aim to have this available within a few months of release of the Core Rulebook. Please check back again soon.

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Music licenced under creative commons act - Original: 'Back of the Room' by Jingle Punks

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