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 Welcome to RK Studio!


 We're a small, family run business located out in the East of Engand. Together we have over 30 years of experience in playing and showcasing table top wargames and miniatures. Unlike other online retailers, we have three business virtues.

 Firstly, we believe in Honest Trading. Any discounts or deals given to us by the manufacturer, we will pass on direct to you the customer. We won't pocket the extra profit, we won't hold onto gratuity product, and we will do our best to ensure that you get the best discounts our trade agreements can provide.

 Secondly, we believe in Upfront Selling. Our webstore may not be the largest but if you can see it on our website then we have it in stock and we don't mean on order, we mean in stock in our stockroom ready to pack and ship.

 Thirdly, we believe in Clear Communication. We encourage you to join our mailing list. We won't bother you with an endless stream of newsletters and we won't deliberately give your details to anyone else, but we will send you information on anything that effects you as a customer. Any store downtime due to site maintenance, conventions, (maybe a family holiday!) etc. or delays in shipping due to inclement weather. We'll let you know with as much notice as possible so you can plan ahead with complete assuredness that you know what is going on.


 Thanks for Shopping with RK Studio!


RK STUDIO STORE is where you can get the latest ins and outs of what's new as it happens! Dont forget to like, as well as checking the News page.

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