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At RK Studio we've decided not to run a kickstarter campaign for 'Contamination', but we didn't want our customers to miss out on the getting all those lovely perks. If you help by pre-ordering your 'Contamination' goodies through our store not only will we list your name on the first page of the book as a 'pre-order backer', the first 12 will also receive an exclusive limited edition holographic bonus resource card - and that is just for starters - if we get 20 'pre-order backers' we'll look into adding other perks too!

Its not just rule books of course. We know that it takes a bit more than some print to make a game. In conjunction with the Core Rules we've also developed a new gaming mat range and a host of other accompaniments, but we don't want to spoil the surprise so make sure you sign up to our newsletter. 

Pre-order starts on 1st April so tell your friends and family and make sure you don't miss out.


You can keep in touch with game development in a number of ways. Our Facebook page keep regular updates on the progress of all ranges stocked by RK Studio as well as the development of the game's community groups and upcoming projects. You'll get sneaky peaks and hear the very latest information.

Dont forget to sign up to the Newsletter. We dont bother our customers with spam but we'll send a message straight to your inbox letting you know about exciting details and pre-order dates.

Finally, if your into pinterest, twitter, and any other social site then shout loud and proud about what your loving about the game. Include the hashtag #contaminationthegame and we'll be sure to find it!

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Music licenced under creative commons act - Original: 'Back of the Room' by Jingle Punks

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