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Imagine - it is the dawn of the new millennium. The world is pregnant with expectation. Millions flock to celebrate some of the greatest achievements humanity has wrought and in a city hospital the greatest epidemic since Spanish Flu is about to change everything...

The central story of Contamination is set in the final days of 90's in an alternate timeline very much like our own. It is the scene of increasing multiculturalism, affordable technology, hip-hop, rave, and massive shoulder pads - life at its most vibrant and all of it primed and ready to come crashing down with the arrival of H1NX!


The Urban Waste is the name given to the great web of decay held under quarantine by the government in hope of staunching the rise of the H1NX super virus. It stretches from suburb to suburb in all directions such that to those caught inside, none know exactly where the edge actually is - or even if there is anyone left outside of it! 

There is no law and order here only the need to survive. Gang warfare is rife as those un-infected scratch a living raiding abandoned shopping districts and warehouses. Skirmishes between these survivors are frequent and bloody - each looking to make an example of the other and exert its dominion over the latest raiding grounds. In the main these groups are small, maybe four or five, the last dregs of the neighborhood still standing. Yet at the very heart of The Urban Waste in a place called only 'The Waste Proper' a handful of these gangs have grown to massive proportions and rule like Kings over the ashes of civilization. 

Copyright RK Studio 2018

Music licenced under creative commons act - Original: 'Back of the Room' by Jingle Punks

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