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This box contains:

Enough resin and metal to create one Jackal

A breakthrough in the power of repulsor pods led to first the Jackal and then the Mudskipperwalkers, built to keep up with fast moving jump infantry. The M5A5 Jackal sacrifices firepower for speed but the A6 version adds a flamethrower to compensate.

Nimble and able to survive small arms fire, the Jackal is the perfect lead for a flanking squad. It'll be able to put pins on targets at a distance with it's MMG, giving it plenty of time to jump in and wipe out the enemy squad with it's vehicle crushing fists.

The Jackal in Konflikt...

Cost:90pts (Regular), 105pts (Veteran).Weapons:Right arm-mounted MMG, 2x Fist.Damage value:7+ (light walker).Options:May add left arm-mounted infantry flamethrower for +20ptsSpecial Rules:Walker Agile Assault Fist Jump Single CrewModels supplied unassembled and unpainted

US Jackal Walker

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£26.00 Regular Price
£20.80Sale Price
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