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The Resistance have always proven themselves nothing if not inventive. If a problem presents itself, they will adapt, avoid, adjust…or smash it to pieces. Wagons are prime example of their resourcefulness, taking old civilian vehicles and turning them into deadly gun platforms. Though wagons can be made from anything, only the larger chassis of vehicles will mount the weapons required, which makes them a fairly important resource.

The Storm Wagon is the most varied in design of all wagons, taking the concept of improvised munitions to its fullest extent. In essence, the storm wagon straps a massive quantity of unguided rockets (from different sources) to a traversable mount on the rear of the vehicle. These are unleashed in a rapid fire, barely controlled salvo of screaming destruction, usually in an arcing trajectory allowing the base vehicle to operate safely from cover. Although their munitions are slow, they can overwhelm countermeasures by sheer quantity, increasing their effective range when multiple units fire as a battery.

The Thunder Wagon is a clear example of the ‘Smash it to Pieces’ problem solving strategy. They take position behind the front line, co-ordinate with forward scouts and then deploy their Golgotha Missiles one at a time, causing untold havoc to the enemy. Golgotha missiles are unsubtle weapons of destruction, tipped with heavy armour plating and packed with explosives. Even the most effective countermeasures are little proof against the weight of a Golgotha Missile, which spreads death and destruction over a wide area even if detonated before impact.


If you're a Resistance commander, you know all about Wagons. The humble Gun Wagon is a fantastic Standard choice, and the Flame Wagon causes untold damage to enemy infantry. The Storm and Thunder Wagons take the same chassis as these classics. While they have low armour and no counter-measures, their extra damage point is always handy, and the Resilient special rule means that even if they get hit with a Critical they're only taking one point of damage. Doesn't matter how many panels you blow off a wagon, it'll keep on going!

Storm Wagons do exactly what they look like they do. With 2 shots of Energy 10 weapons each, they can target opponents they can't see thanks to the Indirect special rule. With a decent range they'll be able to target a lot of the battlefield, especially if you use a Scout unit like Gun Technicals or Freeriders to help them aim. Oh and you can take them in squads of twelve which quite frankly is ludicrous and should definitely be done just to watch your opponent's face.

Thunder Wagons are a bit more measured a unit, since they trade their multiple shot weapons for a single large missile. Use it wisely! Although with Energy 11, Devastator-2 against scenery, and a blast marker when they land, "wisely" can pretty much be any target you want utterly annihilated! With a massive Countered range of 36", not much will be safe from a squad of these. The real question is whether you shoot them all at once or not!

Contains 3 resin miniatures with a choice to make 3 Storm Wagons or 3 Thunder Wagons. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 45mm in length. There are multiple styles of Wagon, and the contents of your pack may vary from those shown.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

Storm / Thunder Wagons

£12.00 Regular Price
£9.60Sale Price
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