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The all-in-one Warpaint Speedpaint is truly a one-coat painting solution. In the Speedpaint Starter Set you’ll find all the basic colours you need to begin painting beautiful tabletop-quality miniatures in no time. Simply apply one rich coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done!

All of the colours are using tried and true high-quality heavy pigments. Combined with an innovative resin medium solution that flows perfectly over your miniatures creates an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.

Box Contains:

10x 18 ml Speedpaints

Zealot Yellow

Fire Giant Orange

Blood Red

Hive Dweller Purple

Highlord Blue

Orc Skin

Pallid Bone

Crusader Skin

Hardened Leather

Gravelord Grey

1x FREE Brush

Speedpaint Starter Set

SKU: WP8054
£35.00 Regular Price
£28.00Sale Price
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