The Seraphim fills the role of heavy strike fighter and bomber in the UCM; a job that it does very well! Both types come equipped with Heavenfire missiles, either able to target the most hardened battle tanks or used as a Flame attack to hit enemies in Garrisons (and set them on fire to boot).

The Strike Fighter brings a Bunker Buster to battle, offering a massive Devastator-4 to scenery, meaning each time it targets a scenery piece it does 4 damage! With Energy 10 it's an almost guaranteed Collateral Damage hit too, making this a very dangerous aircraft. The Retaliator on the other hand trades demolition for a Missile Cluster which is equally good at targeting enemy infantry and vehicles. With high energy and ignoring all cover, no one will be safe!

Contains one multi-part model that can be assembled as either a Seraphim Strike Fighter or Retaliator. 10mm in scale and a length of 82mm and wingspan of 58mm.

Seraphim / Retaliator

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