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Battlefield Engineers have existed since the early 17th century on Earth, and have filled various roles since that time, usually preparing and upgrading defences for protracted sieges. Modern mobile warfare has rendered such set defences largely obsolete, but battlefield engineering in other forms has never been more important. This is especially true for Resistance bands, where planned excavations, environmental traps and running field repairs are strategically vital.


Lacing roadways with traps, blocking off avenues of escape and toppling enemy occupied buildings are just some of the weapons in their arsenal. Practical application varies from warzone to warzone, but a tried and tested method in urban environments is to set charges at weak points, choke points and T-Junctions. The charges are then detonated at opportune moments, sending enemy units down into crushing rock tunnels or excavated pits below.


Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2



6 x 3-man stands per blister
10mm Scale
18 White metal figures
Supplied with six 45mm x 22mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Resistance Sappers

SKU: DZC-25028
£8.00 Regular Price
£6.40Sale Price
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