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The Razorworm is a merciless predator, a terror of dark places and a living nightmare in chitin, flesh and claws. As a particularly virulent life form, the Scourge maintains breeding stock of these voracious aliens for use as hosts.

Scourge controlled Razorworms lose none of their incredible killing power, but gain a calculating and merciless intelligence unnatural to the host. This makes them excellent room clearance specialists. The ominous sound of the Razorworm's many wickedly sharp claws scraping along an overhead ventilation duct is often the last thing many get to hear, save the sound of their own screams.

Rules for this unit can be found in the Core Rulebook


Six 3-worm stands per blister
10mm Scale
18 Resin figures
Supplied with six 45x22mm resin bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


SKU: DZC-22015
£8.00 Regular Price
£6.40Sale Price
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