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The biggest and most dangerous Orcs band together into regiments of their own, outfitted in the best equipment by the Orcish warchiefs. They wear the finest armour Orc artificers can make, black suits comprised of thick plates of sheet metal beaten or cast to fit the contours of the Orc body. Thus protected, these Orcs do not usually carry the shields favoured by lesser Orc warriors - instead they carry massive weapons, too heavy to be wielded by a man. Carrying a multitude of weapons, Greatax’s are capable of raining down a flurry of punishing blows upon their enemies.

Orc Greatax regiment

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£12.50Sale Price
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  • This set includes:

    • 20 plastic Orc Greatax
    • 1 Plastic Orc Command Sprue
    • 2 Mantic Points
    • 25mm bases

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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