The Type-4 is the largest thing the PHR have that isn't considered a war engine. Once a rare sight on the battlefield, recently more and more have been spotted amongst PHR forces. Originally only the Hades variant of these powerful walkers was identified, with others being mistaken as it. Now that the Battle for Earth is in full swing, UCM intelligence has identified and analysed at least 3 variants of this massive walker.

The Nemesis and Bellona are both built on the same variant of the Type-4 chassis. This large walker is an imposing yet thankfully rare sight on the battlefield, built more as a command unit than a mobile weapons platform.

Sporting a Nemesis Laser in addition to the pair of RX-L Railguns the Nemesis is precision firepower at incredible ranges. Able to burn through any active countermeasures the laser is the bane of heavy tanks or walkers. While being rarely seen by the forces the PHR opposes, this walker has been a reliable command platform for those that prefer tactical strikes over brute force.

Once utilised by the legendary Marcus Barros, the Bellona Type-4 walker is now seeing more widespread use. While the change to mass production left behind some of the command and control features present in Barros' prototype, it is no less potent. With the same pair of RX-L Railguns present on the Nemesis, the Bellona trades the laser for a powerful Vanquisher Cannon. While not sporting the nigh-infinite range of the Nemesis this alternate weapon can obliterate its targets with advanced solid munitions. 

Contains 1 multi-part resin miniature with parts to make either a Nemesis Control Scorpion or a Bellona Ordnance Scorpion

Nemesis / Bellona Control Scorpion

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