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The Marauders favour simple, powerful weapons rather than the more temperamental, hi-tech weaponry of their foes. Many Marauders carry powered Claws or Ripper Talons to tear their opponents to shreds in an assault. Others prefer devastating ranged weapons, such as H.E.W. lasers, rotary cannons or heavy machine guns. Despite their simplicity these weapons are no less effective in battle.

Marauder Faction Booster (old packaging)

£37.50 Regular Price
£24.38Sale Price
  • This set contains enough components to build 13 bespoke metal and premium plastic multi-part models, including:

    • 1 Plastic Commando Sergeant
    • 4 Plastic Commandos
    • 1 Metal Commando Upgrade set with HMG and assault weapons
    • 1 Plastic Hulk
    • 3 Plastic Goblin Snipers
    • 2 Plastic Ripper Suits
    • 1 Plastic Goblin Guntrack with weapon options and crew
    • Round Bases

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium plastic and metal models require super glue.

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