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The Tograh is a type 2 variant of the Mahran Vesh combat drone fully adapted to carry human or alien passengers in a separate transportation shell. The MV2 is a sentient machine, although depending upon its machine intelligence is not always rated at full combat level. However, even the most basic transporter is entirely capable of operating independently without human or other biological crew.

The box contains:

  • Multi-part resin model of Isorian Tograh MV2 Transporter Drone armed with a plasma light support
  • Metal Isorian Spotter Drone

The transport shell is armoured with fixed-emission hyperlight shields, but the drone can be configured with a variety of armours, including reactive kinetic armour and phaseshift shields.

MVs are not always armed, as they serve as general cargo carriers as well as troop transporters, and may be involved in non-combat roles far from danger. Fighting vehicles commonly have fully-enhanced machine intelligence and carry a plasma light support or they can be fitted with sensor modules that enable the machine to form an extended combat shard with nearby troops.

Like other large drones, the MV2 is buoyed upon suspensors that enable it to move effortlessly over the ground surface and provide manoeuvring and low-speed capability. High forward speeds are facilitated by reaction thrusters. An ideal way to bring your troops into range in larger battles or small skirmish encounters!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Isorian Tograh MV2 transporter drone

SKU: 502416005
£45.00 Regular Price
£36.00Sale Price
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