£5 gift voucher for RK Studio.


This voucher will be delivered as a PDF to your email address.  Although the site will charge postage the cost of this will be added to the total value of gift vouchers provided. e.g. You purchase £15 of vouchers and pay £5 UK postage:  We send you PDF for £20 worth of vouchers.  This is due to a limitation in our website.  But rest assured you will recieve vouchers equal to the total amount you paid!


Each purchase of this product will provide you with a unique printable PDF voucher including a website code for redemption.  Vouchers are valid for 12 months after date of issue.  


Any Questions?  Please use the 'contact us' tab.  Vouchers can be purchased using the Special Order system in any denominations AND we can sell you a £5 voucher without the postage added another charge, by use of the Special Order System.

Gift Voucher - £5

  • RK Studio Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months following date of issue.


    Gift vouchers can be used to purchase gift vouchers, allowing you to extend their validity.


    Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any purchase greater than the value of the vouchers, using the website as usual.  To purchase product to exactly the value of the voucher, including postage please contact us as our payment processor cannot process payments of Zero.

  • Although we (obviously) keep a record of which voucher codes have been used we cannot keep a record of who owns which codes.  Otherwise you couldn't give them as presents!


    Unfortunatley this means that we will be unable to assist you if you lose your voucher or if it were stolen and used by someone else.  As vouchers are delivered by email as a PDF we recommend you store them electronically as well as a physical copy so loss of either one won't render you without your toys.