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Please note:  Although this model is made to order by Warlord Games, if it is in stock here then we physically have it here ready to ship!


The heavy mag cannon is a larger and more powerful version of the standard mag cannon. Mag weapons are favoured by the Algoryn and are used to some extent by Freeborn and other races of Antarean space.

The heavy mag cannon is designed to deliver a single shot at an incredible velocity. It is a distinctive long‐barrelled weapon and the most powerful weapon of its kind. Ammunition is designed to defeat heavily armoured targets and release a mass‐ sensitised disruptor field that inverts and crushes local space. A target struck and penetrated by a heavy mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive.

Freeborn Heavy Mag Cannon

 EffectiveLongExtremeStrike ValueSpecial
Heavy Mag Cannon501002506Massive Damage

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Freeborn Heavy Mag Cannon

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