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PLEASE NOTE:  This box contains 6 miniatures rather than the usual 5 miniatures.


The Freeborn are the traders, raiders, explorers and the ultimate go-betweens of Antarean space. The Freeborn are divided into hundreds of independent space-borne Vardos, each ruled over by a noble family. These rulers are the first amongst an aristocracy that vies for power, riches and influence within their own society as well as amongst the multitudinous civilisations around them.

Of the many commodities in which the Freeborn trade, the most famous of all are mercenaries. The opportunity to fight as mercenaries represents a long and profitable tradition amongst the ordinary people of the Vardo. To many worlds of Antarean space they are little more than pirates: to others they are saviours and liberators. When called upon they flock to join the ranks. Many a Freeborn family fortune has been built upon the plunder of war and the rewards of victory.

Freeborn Domari Squad

£17.00 Regular Price
£8.50Sale Price
  • Contains the following metal models:

    • 1 Household leader with mag pistol
    • 5 Household Troopers with mag guns
    • 1 Household trooper with micro X-launcher
    • 1 Spotter Drone

    Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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