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Firebird pilots are the some of the most fringe warriors of Shaltari society. They often graduate from Thunderbird craft to the Firebird in a need to fulfil their combative spirit and desire to see the destruction they cause first hand.

The Firebird gives them amply opportunity to see devastation as close as possible. The gunship takes the term ‘close air support’ to a whole new level – in this case close to both friendly and enemy forces to see squad markings or nicknames on their tanks. Firebirds swoop down on hostile formations, jinking and dancing through streams of AA fire to bring swift death to the foe.

This is supplied by way of twinned Disintegrator Cannons mounted below the hull. These combine technologies similar to those of the Ocelot’s fearsome particle cannon with the thinking behind the small arms weaponry used by Shaltari Braves. Firstly the weapon creates a small vacuum tunnel towards the target, penetrating armour and flesh with ease. Then the explosive bomblet is propelled into and through the opening, emerging at the centre of the enemy and detonating with what can only be described as ‘colourful’ results.

The small size and power output of the Firebird compared to much larger units means that the range of its weapons is very short. This suits the pilots completely; they are up-close fighters, using weapons that can best be described as explosive anti-tank shotguns.

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2


The Thunderbird is a lethal gunship, dedicated to the ground attack role. Its highly distinctive silhouette is reminiscent of stinging insects, an eminently suitable comparison. The Tunderbird features a deadly sting in the form of a short barrel Gauss Cannon, mounted beneath its abdomen. This weapon does not quite match the range of the standard version, but features the same excellent killing power.

The Thunderbird can loiter for extended periods over the combat zone, providing excellent close air support. Although it is thoroughly outclassed by fighters in terms of speed, this ability makes it more useful for protracted engagements. It is also more flexible in the confines of the urban jungle, where fighters have insufficient room to manoeuvre.

Since Gates are entirely unarmed, these talents are highly prized by Shaltari Warchiefs. Thunderbirds are routinely employed as escorts for Gates, clearing dropzones ahead of troop insertion. However, its light armour and low speed fight envelope makes it highly vulnerable to AA fire, and as such it is best deployed where the enemy has poor air defence.

Rules for this unit can be found in the Core Rulebook


Firebird Gunships shares blister with Thunderbird Gunships
Two models per blister
10mm Scale
Length: 46mm
Wingspan: 53mm
4 Resin and white metal Components each
Supplied with 2 x 30mm clear acrylic flying bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Thunderbird Gunships shares blister with Firebird Gunships

Two models per blister
10mm Scale

Length: 46mm
Wingspan: 53mm
4 Resin Components each
Supplied with 2x 30mm polished clear acrylic flying bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Firebird Gunships / Thunderbird Gunships

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