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From the harshest discipline of the Kalium Kabal all the way to the unruly mess of the Vega Scrapfleet, the Resistance come in all shapes and sizes, united by a desire to be free of rule and a skill almost unmatched through years of totalitarian regime or surviving in the void day to day.



This pack contains 56 Command Cards to use during your games. From the endlessly defensive Redundant Ship Systems to the incredibly offensive Suicide Mission, the DFC Resistance Command Cards provide great fun and a huge amount of unique feeling to playing a Resistance Fleet.

With distinct Dropfleet styling and easy to read rules, this deck is the ideal purchase for any aspiring Resistance admirals, whether they hail from the Kalium Kabal or any of the disparate groups of old Earth ships out in the void.

Made from high quality playing card material, these cards are standard playing card sized, fitting into regular card sleeves.

DFC Resistance Command Cards

£8.00 Regular Price
£6.40Sale Price
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