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Please note that this is a pre order product expected to ship mid September. Anything ordered at the same time will be held until this is ready to go.

Welcome to the Third Edition of Bolt Action, the world’s greatest World War II wargame! Inside this rulebook you’ll find all the rules you need to play fantastic, fast-paced games with your collection of Bolt Action miniatures.

Written by industry legend Alessio Cavatore, and built around the beloved and renowned Order Dice system, Bolt Action: Third Edition is the fast-paced game of World War II combat that puts you in command of platoons of infantry, heavy weapons, and vehicles on battlefields all across the world. Simple and easy to learn, but with limitless tactical potential, Bolt Action will give you endless hours of fun, fulfilling gameplay!

As well as the rules for playing games of Bolt Action, this mighty tome also includes army lists for Great Britain, Germany, the United States of America, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union, allowing you to jump right into the action as soon as your copy arrives, alongside quick-reference tables and a full index, as well as gorgeous full-colour illustrations, and detailed background on both the Second World War in general, and particular actions and campaigns of note – perfect inspiration for your collection! The intuitive platoon selector system allows you to tailor your collection to suit any mission, while the new scenario generation system ensures that no two games need ever be the same. Finally, a whole host of additional optional special rules allow you to create your own unique tabletop battlefields to fight over.

Bolt Action Third Edition Rulebook

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