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Please note, the pre order is not expected to ship until September, anything ordered at the same time will be held until it is ready to go!

Welcome to the Third Edition of Bolt Action, the world’s greatest World War II wargame! This starter set is the best way to start your Bolt Action journey, containing everything you need to jump right into the action!

Alongside an A5 softback rulebook containing all the rules you’ll need to play fast-paced, fun games of Bolt Action, you’ll also find enough incredibly detailed plastic miniatures to get you started on your hobby journey and playing games in no time at all. Take command of the hard-bitten German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers, or the dogged and determined US Army infantry as the two sides clash in the frozen forests of the Battle of the Bulge. These miniatures are the perfect starting point for a Bolt Action collection themed around winter warfare, bundled up in cold-weather gear and armed with a wide variety of weapons, and are a brilliant opportunity for new and veteran hobbyists alike!

It’s not just infantry, either! Inside this box, you’ll also find a plastic American M8 armoured car kit, which can also be assembled as the M20 variant – the perfect reinforcement for the US troops as the German veterans attack – as well as a plastic ruined farmhouse for your troops to take cover in.

The Battle of the Bulge starter set nets you everything you need to start playing Bolt Action: Third Edition – simply assemble your models, and let battle commence! Once you’ve played your first games using the included introductory booklet, you can begin expanding your collection, and dive headfirst into the awesome world of World War II wargaming!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Bolt Action Battle of the Bulge Starter Set

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