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The AH-16 Cyclone is a dedicated attack helicopter, designed solely for dealing swift annihilation to ground targets. It is extremely large compared to its modern UCM equivalent, the Falcon Gunship, and requires a crew of two to operate. Such uncomplicated and primitive designs have their merits, as proven by their reliable service to Resistance groups across the Cradle Worlds. Rotorcraft have fallen entirely out of favour with the UCMA. It is frequently argued that they take up too much room aboard ship and have a poor operating ceiling, making them totally unsuitable for the upper atmosphere drops common in UCM planetary assaults.

Since the Resistance have never even dreamed of invading an enemy en-masse from orbit, the rugged design and larger weapons payload of the Cyclone has made it the perfect gunship for their needs. Indeed, the Cyclone’s Beowulf anti-tank missiles have claimed countless Scourge recon patrols over the long years and its Hornet’s Nest multi-missile system can launch a deadly barrage from cover. Normally employed in perimeter protection, armour interdiction and surgical strike missions, the AH16 always makes an impact whenever the leadership deems the situation serious enough to commit them to battle.

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 1


With the advent of the Reconquest, more and more Resistance armies have come out of the shadows to take the fight to the Great Enemy (and other factions that might get in their way). Operations have been widened in scope; raids are increasingly daring and bold. Resistance tactics have evolved to keep up with these new strategic aims, and require more prolonged close support.

The Typhoon is fitted with heavy calibre chain cannon capable of sustained, direct fire against armoured formations. As the gunship closes on its target, increasing numbers of shells overwhelm countermeasures, making them deadly when used aggressively but also dangerous at range.The Typhoon also can sustain operational effectiveness in-theatre for much longer than its ‘fire and forget’ brother the Cyclone due to its capacious ammo reserves.

Rules for Typhoon can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2


Cyclone shares blister with Typhoon
2 x AH-16 Cyclone Attack Helicopters per Blister 
Wingspan: 77mm (hull) 
10mm Scale
Four Resin components, 5 Metal helicopter blades and one Acrylic flight stand each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Typhoon Shares blister with AH-16 Cyclone

2 x AH-16 Cyclone Attack Helicopters per Blister 
Wingspan: 77mm (hull) 
10mm Scale  

AH-16 Cyclone / Typhoon

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