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The Achtung Panzer! British Army Tank Force gives you five legendary armoured vehicles to bring the battle to the Axis. Centred around a trio of rugged Churchill infantry tanks (which can be assembled in one of no fewer than seven variants to suit your specific playstyle or chosen theatre), and backed up by the potent firepower of a Lend-Lease M10 Wolverine tank destroyer and rapid mobility courtesy of a Humber armoured car, this set allows you to get right into the thick of the fighting! It also makes a brilliant first expansion for your British force if you’ve already got the Blood and Steel starter set!

In addition to the brilliant plastic vehicle kits (and a fantastic set of characterful stowage items), the included British and Commonwealth-specific Asset cards, plus Datacards for 18 different tanks (letting you bring a wide array of British and Lend-Lease vehicles into action at a moment’s notice), Tank Ace and Ace Skill cards, game tokens and markers along with mounted and dismounted tank crew figures give you everything you’ll need to fly the Union Flag on the tabletop – For King and Country!

The Achtung Panzer! British Army Tank Force contains:

1/56th scale hard plastic kits of the following:

3x Churchill infantry tanks

1x M10 Wolverine tank destroyer

1x Humber armoured car

Assembly guides and full-colour waterslide decals

Vehicle damage markers

10x Achtung Panzer! asset cards

2x Achtung Panzer! Tank Ace Datacards

4x Achtung Panzer! Tank Ace skill cards

Achtung Panzer! phase & time tracker

Achtung Panzer! Datacards for 18 vehicles

Achtung Panzer! tokens & markers

Tank stowage & accessories

Mounted & Dismounted tank crew (Warlord Resin)

Achtung Panzer British Tank Force

SKU: 482010004
£110.00 Regular Price
£88.00Sale Price
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