The (not so) Small Print



The services offered on this web site reflect the expertise and experience of John Stephens. John carries professional indemnity insurance and a suitable level of public liability insurance for his consultancy site visits.


Many years of NHS H.V. and L.V. experience, in conjunction with the Chartered Engineer status, qualifies John to provide Authorising Engineer services for electrical systems. Walnut Lodge Services, being an independent business, is able to meet the requirement that the Authorising Engineer is “Independent of local management” also required by HTM 08-02 Lifts.


In line with our policy of following NHS best practice and the requirements for formal training of the Authorising Engineer by HTM 06 & 08. John Stephens has completed the Authorising Engineer, Authorised Person (LV), Authorised Person (HV) and Authorised Person (Lifts) training; We are committed to continually update this training as required by HTM 06-02, HTM 06-03 & HTM 08-02.