HTM 06-02 and HTM 06-03 Permits, Limitations, etc.

are available from:-

The Stationery Office Crown Copyright HMSO

Phone orders 08706005522

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What does it cost?

Probably less than you think, we are a Small Business with minimal overheads, this is reflected in our pricing structure.

Our schedule of rates is provided with your Quote or upon request, please provide your Trust’s full address and Post Code.


How quickly can we appoint you?

There is a brief exchange of letters required including your official order, this can be achieved in a few days subject to Post.


How many visits will I get per year?

At least one, but you may want or need more so extra visits are charged by the day.


Can you provide Training?

We are able to provide levels of training that do not require certification by national bodies. i.e. “In-House training”.


1, Basic electrical safety

2, Electricity at Work Regulations

3, HTM 06-02 & 06-03 document management

4, Competent Person (LV) *

5, Inspection & Test of Electrical Installations **

6, P.A.T. “Portable Appliance Testing” ***


* HTM 06-02 outlines the Competent Person training requirements in appendix 7 paragraph 29


** We are able to provide practical Inspection and Test training to supplement the theoretical training provided by City & Guilds approved training establishments.


*** P.A.T. or more accurately “In service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment” Training is available as an In House course, upon completion each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance that will include their end of course Test Results.