Contact Details

It is with some regret that we wish to announce our intention to retire in August 2022. We offer our sincere thanks to present and past clients. As we are now running down to our retirement in August 2022; we will no longer offer our services to new clients. We intend to be available to service our existing clients until the end of August 2022.


Postal Address:- 81 Northfield Road, Ringwood, Hampshire. BH24 1LT




Tracker Telephone 07040 400745 Use this number for the best chance of getting a personal reply, about the same cost as a call to a mobile.


Please Note:- We are a small business, and phones need to be off in some client’s premises, so we make use of technology to divert calls to an available person whenever possible. Voice mail is picked up regularly and we call back at the earliest opportunity. Email is the easiest option for us, as we are able to reply to your enquiries outside of your working hours.