Please note this is not a complete set and is second hand.  We have checked all components and they are as new although any assembly will have been completed.




Does not include original box, will come securely wrapped in bubble wrap (ship and stand) and inside a bubble lined bag, all inside our normal boxes so it arrives in good condition!



2x X-Wing Ship (2 different designs),


Flight Stand x2,


Manoeuvre Dial x2 (X-Wing, T-70 X Wing)


Small Ship Token x4 (Blue Ace/Blue Sq. Novice, Red Sq. Veteran/ Poe Dameron, Biggs Darklighter/ Rookie Pilot, Luke Skywalker/ Red Sqn Pilot)

Cards x8 (Rookie PIlot, Red Squadron Pilot, Biggs Darklighter, Luke Skywalker, Blue Ace, Red Squadron Veteran, Blue Squadron Novice, Poe Dameron)

X-Wing T65 & X Wing T70 (2 ships) part set.

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