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The Super Phoenix is a legendary ship, with just the absolute most firepower you could possibly fit on it! Three Minigun Triads are excellent at destroying basically any vehicle within range (which - if they don't have Active Countermeasures - is unlimited), while the AA Battery keeps this ship safe from other fast aircraft. Meanwhile its Missile Pods provide a little extra firewpower, and the Missile Battery - while limited in number - allows the ship to carpet bomb an area, ripping apart swathes of infantry and vehicles alike.

With its Advanced Command Suite increasing the Influence range of any mounted Commander, this ship is a whole bunch of points, but worth every penny as the centrepiece to your UCM army.

Contains one multi-part aircraft. 10mm in scale with a length of 101mm.

X-116 Super Phoenix

£30.00 Regular Price
£24.00Sale Price
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