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This is the main support weapon carried by Virai warrior drones and appears to be little more than a number of fusion flamers combined into a single, multi-barrelled unit. Though relatively portable and normally carried by a single Viria warrior, it has significant energy requirements. As a result, components from a second viral are required to provide adequate energy to power the weapon.

The flamer array has two modes of operation: stutter mode, in which each individual flamer is effectively fired separately, and focused mode in which the individual flamers are combined into a single pulse.

With its focused power, the single pulse has a slightly longer range than the individual flamers but is still outranged by the more advanced weaponry of the advanced, human factions.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Virai Dronescourge weapon drone with flamer array

SKU: 503016504
£14.00 Regular Price
£11.20Sale Price
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