The mech platoon is the latest in a long line of American armoured infantry units. Mounted in M113 personnel carriers, the platoon is highly mobile, and well protected on the move. Once they dismount, the infantry have everything they need to fight against any opposition.

Each infantry squad is armed with the standard M16 rifle and the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), a high rate-of-fire machine-gun in the same 5.56mm calibre. Two squad members have underslung M203 grenade launchers, giving them the firepower to tackle dug-in infantry as well as firing a useful buckshot round for close-in defence. Their anti-tank complement is made up of the short-range, disposable M72 LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon) rocket launcher and the longer-ranged M47 Dragon anti-tank guided missile.

Set Includes four M249 SAW teams with M72 LAW anti-tank weapons, four M47 Dragon teams, one M16 rifle team, four medium four-hole bases, four small two-hole bases and one small three-hole base. This blister pack contains all the figures you need to make a full-strength M113 Mech Platoon, as well as an additional M16 rifle team to form your M113 Mech Combat Team HQ.

Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

US Mech Platoon

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