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A motor rifle company is an impressive and highly capable unit. It is mobile, amphibious, and carries its infantry force under armour onto the battlefield.

The company’s riflemen are armed with the AK-74 assault rifle (some mounting 40mm GP-25 grenade launchers), while each squad is also equipped with an RPK-74 squad automatic weapon, disposable RPG-18 anti-tank rockets, and the renowned RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher.

The company is backed up by a platoon of six belt-fed PKM machine-guns, also mounted in BMPs. A squad of SA-14 Gremlin anti-aircraft missiles, known as Strela-3 (Arrow-3) to Soviet riflemen, mounted in another BMP is attached from the battalion’s air defence platoon.

Set Includes two PKM LMG teams, nine RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams, one SA-14 Germlin AA Missile Team, ten AK-74 Teams and one Formation Command Team.

Soviet Motor Rifle Company

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