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IMPORTANT:  This product is available to special order only and is not held in stock.  Any orders containing this product will be held until it arrives from Warlord Games.


Since its introduction in late 1945, the Coyote has served with distinction in all theatres and environments. Manouverable, well-armed, and mechanically reliable the Coyote has proven adaptable to any combat role, from recce to urban assault.

Armed with 2 fists and a forward facing heavy machine gun, it's an agile light walker used by both US and British forces (known as the Guardian). Tactically deployed to support your platoons singularly, it's a potentially devastating combination as a platoon.

M5 A2 Coyote Light Walker Platoon

SKU: 459910401
£64.75 Regular Price
£58.28Sale Price
  • Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

    3 Vehicles


  • This product is only available to special order.  Any orders containing this product will be held until this item arrives from Warlord Games.

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