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Kings of War is the mass-battle table-top game from Mantic that is loved by thousands of players around the world as mighty armies clash across myriad battlefields. The ruleset has its roots very firmly bedded in historical war gaming. The sight of legions of beautifully painted infantry and cavalry models lined up ready to outwit and outfight their foes across the table is one which fires the imaginations of both historical and fantasy war gamers alike. History has taught us how such battles were fought and so it is to history that Kings of War players can now turn to relive ancient battles, alliances and animosities

King's of War Historical Rulebook

£20.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
  • This book includes:

    • The core Kings of War rules.
    • 30 new lists for historical armies from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages. Use a combination of a master list, themes and mercenary units to build your army.
    • Veteran abilities to create unique units and represent elite fighters.
    • New rules and scenarios.
    • Add mythical units to recreate legends (or make new ones).
    • Play your historical army against Kings of War fantasy armies!

    128 Page Softback Book including Kings of War Core Rules and 30 Historical Army Lists

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