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The Mahran Vesh type 5 Combat Drone, often abbreviated to MV5, is the standard large combat drone found in Isorian armies throughout Antarean space. As with all fighting drones in the Isorian arsenal, it is a fully sentient machine, lacking a human crew, and entirely capable of operating in a variety of combat environments.

The box contains:

  • Multi-part resin model of Isorian Mahran Vesh MV5 armed with one plasma light support and a choice of plasma cannon, compression cannon, or fractal cannon.
  • metal Isorian Spotter Drone

As with other larger drones, it is accompanied by its own buddy drones, including the universal spotter drones that act as the machine’s remote eyes and ears.

Weaponry can be adapted to suit the mission at hand, the most commonly fielded combination consisting of a plasma light support and plasma cannon. Fractal and compression weaponry is available for specialist tasks, such as close urban assaults and siege work. Motive power comes from suspensors and reaction thrusters.

The MV5 is well armoured with a composite protective shell and reactive kinetic shields that are able to shrug off most attacks. MVs in active combat roles are often fitted with phaseshift shielding – a type of armour unique to Isorian forces.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Isorian Mahran Vesh MV5 combat drone

SKU: 502416004
£45.00 Regular Price
£36.00Sale Price
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