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Iron Maiden tells the story of Major Charles Leslie’s Squadron of Chieftain tanks and their defence of Northern Germany against the Soviet invasion. Iron Maiden provides players with Army lists for a Chieftain Armoured Squadron, FV432 Mechanised Company, Spartan Reconnaissance Company, and a Lynx Airmobile Company as well as history of the British Army leading into the Cold War, painting guides and scenarios.

Iron Maiden is a 48 page full colour hardback supplement for Team Yankee, World War III.



  • Background on the British army, The Iron Division and the 17/21st Lancers.
  • Instructions on how to build an Armoured Squadron, a Mechanised Company, a Reconnaissance Company, and an Airmobile Company.
  • Two Scenarios to test your skills with your British force.
  • A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your British for combat.

Iron Maiden

£12.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
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