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Infantry and Beast Unit

Points Value: 122

Usable by: Any faction including Vorl but excluding Virai.

Limitations: One per army. Hükk are solitary!

Unit: Hükk Bounty HunterAgAccStrResInitCo
Hükk with customised mag gun, reflex armour, mag pistol6677(8)89
3 x Enhanced Hunting Angkriz6-7866

Hükk have over 9 options to take! Allowing you personalise your Hükk to any specific task you have in mind! For a full description including new special rules, customised Mag gun, Subdue and his unique weapon the X-sublauncher, download his PDF!

Set contains:

  • 1 Hükk Bounty Hunter
  • 3 Hunting Angkriz

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Hükk Bounty Hunter and Hunting Angkriz

SKU: 503017001
£14.00 Regular Price
£11.20Sale Price
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