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PLEASE NOTE:  This box contains 6 miniatures and a FREE order die rather than the normal 5 miniatures!


The Freeborn trade technology, goods and services throughout Antarean space – including the services of mercenary fighters. The best of these are native Freeborn troops and the very best of the best are the professional guards who serve the most powerful Freeborn families.

These are the Vardanari – the personal bodyguards and retainers of the noble families of the Vardo – as each Freeborn community is called. Vardanari units are lavishly equipped and uniformed at great expense, an expression of the grandeur and status of the family they serve. As well as being elite troops Vardanari are trusted attendants and advisors. Officers are often younger relatives of those they protect, and who will one day rise to positions of power and influence within the Vardo. Unfortunately, rivalry between the most powerful families means that armed guards are a necessity of life, even in public and amongst allies and friends.

Freeborn Vardanari Squad

£17.00 Regular Price
£8.50Sale Price
  • Contains the following metal models:

    • 1 Vardanari leader with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour and impact cloak
    • 6 Vardanari Guard with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour and impact cloak
    • 1 Freeborn Spotter Drone

    Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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