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The Solar Skimmer is a reconstructed Concord Transporter Drone designed to carry a human crew and configured for alternative manual operation. In practice it is a drone vehicle with crew override capabilities,  designed to act as a mobile vehicle headquarters.

As with practically all Freeborn equipment there is little standardisation. The Solar Skimmer can be found in unarmed variants, although most are provided with a crew operated light support weapon. One of the most common types adds multiple firing mag launchers in a rack on either side of the crew compartment, giving the vehicle a further role as a mobile support weapon under the direct control of the commander.

Solar Command Skimmer in Action!

With this MOD2 (2 Order dice) command vehicle, you can launch and lead outlandish raids and attacks. Wait for the right time to move your Solar Command Skimmer and open fire, and with the follow special rule, allow units within 5" use the same order as the Solar Command Skimmer and open fire as well, guaranteeing that the enemy unit under fire will get obliterated.

Freeborn Solar Command Skimmer

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