The Falcon is light ground attack craft, designed for close air support missions. Built around the Raven dropship chassis, the Falcon is able to loiter over the combat zone, presenting a constant threat to enemy ground units. It shares considerable commonality with the Raven, reducing construction costs and simplifying maintenance.

The Falcon is just as fast and manoeuvrable as the Raven, although it is also lightly armoured. This makes it best employed against unfortunate, defenceless ground targets.

The Falcon is armed with a pair of devastating UM-28 ‘Vindicator’ Gatling cannons. These have been calibrated for focused, converging fire. The sheer volume of lead these shell-hoses can send downrange is capable of shredding a main battle tank in seconds.


The Falcon B is a new light gunship variant that builds on the stalwart Falcon chassis. UCM commanders in field – especially those operating in beachhead/first wave situations – have requested more air-to-air cover to support Phoenix command gunships and infantry drop operations. While the Rapier is still the first port of call for all medium and long term engagements, the AA tanks still have to be deployed in relative safety to create an anti-aircraft threat.

This new Falcon variant utilises a multi-missile system with selectable armour piercing airground warheads or air-air fragmentation warheads. Although relatively short ranged, the gyro-stabilisation of the gunship allows for accurate targeting even at high speeds, granting the Falcon B rapid ambush capability, as well as helping to neutralise incoming aerial hazards before they can damage the main UCM force.

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2


Falcon Gunship shares blister with Falcon B
Two models per blister
10mm Scale

Length: 52mm
Wingspan: 28mm

2 Resin Components each
Supplied with 2 x 30mm polished clear acrylic flying bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Falcon Gunships

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