This set contains enough components to build 13 bespoke hard plastic, premium plastic and metal multi-part models, including:
5 Peacekeepers
Can be built with Dominator Rifles and Energy Gauntlets, or Defender Shields
Burst Laser and Incinerator Weapon Options
Command Upgrade Components
2 Jetbikes
Dominator, Burst Laser and Missile Launcher Weapons Options
1 Medic
5 Enforcers with multiple weapon options and defender upgrade pack
Burst Laser, Incinerator, Thermal rifle, Thermal Mine, Missilea Luncher and Defender shield Weapon Options
25mm and 40mm Round Plastic Bases

Enforcer Faction Booster

£24.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
  • Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium plastic and metal models require super glue.