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Buddy drones are small equipment drones that are often included in units of troops, weapon teams, vehicles or other larger drones. They float in the air upon suspensors and are extremely nimble and very adept at keeping pace with their parent units. There are many different kinds of buddy drones – each with their own specific purpose.

Drones: Shield, Camo, and Medi

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    Shield drones are small, agile sacrificial buddy drones whose role is to protect the units they are with by intercepting enemy shots or blows before they can inflict any serious damage. They are almost always destroyed as a result of their efforts, but fortunately they are created to be entirely cheerful about their fate and take their protective duties extremely seriously.


    Camo drones radiate nano-dampeners that make it difficult to detect a unit’s energy signature and which confuse or blind enemy combat shards. They also project a three-dimensional soft light imago that disrupts visible light round about them. They are often attached to infiltration units.


    A medi-drone is a mobile medical drone that is able to administer immediate care to wounded. Medi-drones are often included in units of troops, especially command units.


    NB. A Drone's type is defined by its arms - bodies are interchangeable.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. May vary from those pictured.

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