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Buddy drones are small equipment drones that are often included in units of troops, weapon teams, vehicles or other larger drones. They float in the air upon suspensors and are extremely nimble and very adept at keeping pace with their parent units. There are many different kinds of buddy drones – each with their own specific purpose.

Drones: Batter, Gun, and Compactor

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    The batter drone is a defensive buddy drone that projects a kinetic energy shield or batter shield that can deflect or absorb incoming attacks. Kinetic shields are kinds of suspensor fields – the same sort of invisible energy fields that enable drones to hover and vehicles to move effortlessly through the air. Batter drones are often attached to weapon teams to provide them with mobile cover. They are also assigned to vehicle units both to provide stand-off protection and also to shelter accompanying infantry.


    Gun drones are armed buddy drones whose role is to act as guardians or sentries. A gun drone can be armed with any standard type of weapon but is usually equipped with a plasma carbine.


    A compactor drone carries a generous material load in a stable compressor field. It is employed to transport equipment up to a certain size. One use is to enable a bike mounted unit to function temporarily as infantry by folding its machines into its compression field. The other common function of these buddy drones is to provide a unit with two alternative kinds of equipment. E.g. Concord Interceptor squads use compactor drones to transport support weapons into action. The bike riders swap their bikes to serve as crew to the weapon. When necessary they can swap the weapon back for their bikes if they need to move quickly.


    NB. A Drone's type is defined by its arms - bodies are interchangeable.


    Requires Assembly

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

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