The late 20th century, the birth of the new millennium. The cities of the west are heaving, over-populated, behemoths. Population growth has increased at an exponential rate and mass immigration from across the globe has already seen medical institutions put down a series of viral outbreaks. Economic boom has turned these hotbeds of civilization into giant ant-like colonies where the extremely wealthy live in penthouse suites amoung the clouds while the workers swarm the streets going about their everyday toil. Perfect conditions one might say, for the worst epidemic to hit since Spanish Flu!
  It is the millennium year and the world is pregnant with expectation. The national and local government congratulate themselves on a job well done and somewhere in the city, in an incident room of a local hospital, a single patient is attended to with worsening conditions. No one recalls whether vector one was male or female, young or old, but in that single incident, that one twist of fate that lead them to that emergency department, a cycle of infection began that within a month would see a city disappear from the map.

1,120 days have passed since then. Where once there might have been bitter skirmishes along the walls of the quarentine zone between those trapped inside and the quarentine enforcers, now there is a stoic silence. Yet those whose life or circumstance still takes them as close as they dare to the fence lined edge of The Urban Waste say they still see movement in the shadows and hear the patter of gunfire somewhere out there. Most government bodies quash these rumours. They say that The Urban Waste is nought but a mass grave; but should these rumours be true, then there must be some with at least a passing immunity to the virus and in that there is hope. The battle for survival is being fought.

Contamination Core Rule Book



    This 76 page rulebook contains all you need to play games of Contamination:The Apocalyptic Survival Game including:


    Full Open World Play - Anything is possible

    Item Modding Map

    1,296 different possible gang combinations with the Perk and FLaw System

    Full Campaign Rules

    6 One Shot Scenarios

    Modelling and Paint Guides


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