Constipated Cow is a game of humour and impressions… but not as you have seen before.

Game designers, Jonny Corps and Mike Moules, conceived the idea of a simple card based impressions game involving animals and the certain moods they may be in. The idea is to be as funny as possible whilst scoring points for your team to decide which team rocks or just who gets to make the next cuppa or buy the next round of drinks.

You will receive one deck of cards split between Mood Cards and Animal Cards. These come in a small printed box for easy storage. The game works by diving into teams of at least 2 people. One team starts by picking up an Animal Card, and selecting one of the three animals on the card… if you get stuck on the choice, there’s always a Cow!

Then they pick up a Mood Card. These cards have a single word written on them.

The idea is then to act out the chosen animal combined with the Mood Card to create the desired (or undesired) effect, and for someone on your team to guess the Animal and the Mood.

Points can be recorded until one team has met an agreed target if you are competitive, or the game can just keep going until all faces are aching from laughter and acting out the Animal and Mood combinations that Constipated Cow creates.

Constipated Cow The Game

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