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The D2 medium support drone is a more heavily built vehicle than the D1 and eminently suitable as a weapons carrier. Its composite shell provides excellent all round protection and carries a highly effective kinetic shield. D2s are used both to support other troops and as the basis of drone formations alongside the bigger combat drones. The D2’s weapon mount is capable of bearing a number of different weapons but is usually armed with either plasma light support or plasma cannons.

The Fractal Cannon

Fractal weapons are primarily used for attacking static defences. They are relatively specialist weapons found in the arsenals of most Antarean forces but reserved for urban warfare where they are supremely useful. Fractal weapons utilise molecular resonance to break apart solid material. Although slow to develop full power, their ability to break apart buildings and machines is almost limitless. They are also known as fractal disintegrators. The fractal cannon is the smallest of these machines and the most readily mobile, but it is correspondingly less powerful that the larger ‘siege’ weapons.

Type of WeaponEffectiveLongExtremeStrike ValueSpecial
Fractal cannon3040802 (+1 max 10)Fractal Lock

Fractal Lock is the special rule for this cannon.  If a frag borer hits its target it ‘locks on’. So long as the fractal cannon receives a fire order in each following turn, and so long as the target does not move, the weapon will automatically hit the target and no Acc test is necessary.

Concord C3D2 Medium Support Drone with Fractal Cannon

SKU: 503013007
£14.00 Regular Price
£11.20Sale Price
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