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The Krasz are one of the larger panhuman morphs to be found throughout the Antarean Nexus. Their origins go back to the distant Second Age when their ancestors are presumed to have evolved upon one of the many new worlds settled at that time. They are large, extremely strong and notoriously unimaginative, but also tremendously disciplined with a highly developed sense of cooperation. Whether they evolved in primitive circumstances as highly effective hunters, or whether they owe part of their genome to deliberate bio-engineering is unknown.

Krasz spread throughout the Nexus in the guise of mercenary troops in past ages, and today they can be found amongst the populations of several planets throughout the Nexus. By serendipity the majority of these worlds lie within the borders of the PanHuman Concord, and the Concord Combined Command has taken every opportunity to incorporate them into its armed forces in the guise of Assault Squads.

The heavy frame and large size of the Krasz mean that their weapons and other equipment also need to be robust. In hand-to-hand fighting Krasz troopers wield their plasma carbines with such ease they are treated as Assault Weapons.

Contains the following metal models:

  • 1 Krasz Assault Leader with plasma carbine and X-sling
  • 5 Krasz Assault Troopers with plasma carbines and X-slings
  • 1 Krasz Assault Trooper with plasma lance

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

C3 Krasz Assault Squad

SKU: 502213003
£28.00 Regular Price
£22.40Sale Price
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