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The Algoryn Prosperate is ruled by a warrior elite that collectively forms the High Council of Algor. They are a people who make no distinction at all between military and civil functions in government. Its military leadership are also its civil leaders, and the path to rank and political power is to be found upon the battlefield.

This pack contains the following metal models:

  • 1 Hazard Commander armed with plasma carbine and D-spinner
  • 4 Hazard Troopers armed with plasma carbines and D-spinners

Hazard formations are among the most prestigious units in the whole of the Prosperate’s fighting forces, and they accept only the most ambitious and the best of the young recruits from the optimate and vector legers: the two highest castes in Algor society. Competition for command roles within the Hazard formations is understandably keen.

Hazard formations are deployed in many kinds of hostile and dangerous environments, including the depths of space and as drop troops. Hazard troopers often form the initial wave in a massed attack of Vector formations. Their integrated weapon systems are powered by their suits’ own energy packs, which means they are better armed and far better protected than any other Algoryn infantry.

Contains 5 multi-part metal troops

Algoryn Hazard Command Squad

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£8.50Sale Price
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