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The Algoryn are a proud and warlike people whose society has evolved over many centuries of constant warfare. All Algoryn are fighters in some fashion, dedicated to the furtherance of their unending conflict against an implacable neighbour: the strangely inscrutable Ghar. Algoryn forces are some of the most experienced and effective in the whole of Antarean space.

Contains the following multi-part resin and metal model:

  • 1 AI Defiant Transport Skimmer - multi-part resin
  • 1 mag light support weapon option

The Defiant is a universal transporter that serves as a troop transporter and cargo carrier. It is the ultimate workhorse of the Algoryn forces, capable of shifting men or equipment rapidly over long distances. Sharing its core design feature with the Liberator Combat Skimmer, it retains gravity-defying suspensors, composite skin and hyperlight envelope.

This armoured envelope can be boosted to intermediate or full combat specification depending upon the role undertaken. Defiants are not just transporters, but fully-functional fighting vehicles designed to mount the reliable mag light support. All Algoryn Skimmers carry crews enabling machines to function semi-manually as well as fully independently, a characteristic quality of Algoryn fighting doctrine which emphasises human control and decision making over that of machine intelligence.

On the Battlefield

Tactical Order Directive 020318-RoC

-  Algoryn commander RoCar 21st Protectorate

"Embark your assault troops (consisting of 8 member teams) and advance toward the weakest enemy flank - Use appropriate cover to avoid larger enemy weaponry and disembark in suitable cover to then,with support from your transports gun, pursue the enemy with maximum force!"

Defiant Transporter Skimmer5611388MOD2, Transporter 10, Large

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Algoryn AI Defiant transport skimmer

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£45.00 Regular Price
£22.50Sale Price
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